Korea – Kazakhstan Technology Cooperation Center

ВDuring a number of meetings with representatives of Kazakhstan R&D institutes, universities and technology parks, Center’s purposes and functions were presented. As a result of these meetings a list of technologies and research directions was elaborated for further search of partners in Republic of Korea.

On March 7 - 8 Center’s office in Daejeon organized meetings for Eurasian National University Innovation Park (ENU IP), which visited Korea in search of experience exchange and potential partners, with Korean Institute of Energy Researches (KIER) and National University Chungnam. ENU IP and KIER discussed technologies of solar energy modules and wind power generators in Kazakhstan climate conditions. With National University of Chungnam ENU IP representatives discussed students exchange programs and attraction of professor for lecturing in Eurasian National University in Astana.

On 7-18 of May, 2012 Innopolis Foundation organizes Training & Consulting Programs for Science & Technology Park Development. Among applicants from Kazakhstan four representatives from Kazakhstan technology parks and universities were selected.

Center permanently realizes researches of interesting modern technologies and partners in Korea and monitors current joint projects.

Kazakhstan – France Technology Transfer Center

On February 16 - 17, 2012 French companies CEIS and Aria Technologies met with representatives of Ministry of Environment Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan and “Kazhydromet” – Kazakhstan hydrometeorological organization in order to present their technology offers.

CEIS and Aria Technologies presented technology transfer project named Kazakhstan Air Monitoring and Forecast System or “Kazair” which consists of transfer of technology in monitoring, forecasting and modeling of air cleanness and installing of a number of air quality sensors in cities and industrial buildings. Project also can include training programs for Kazakhstan specialists on technology management and air quality examination in Kazakhstan most critical regions. Currently several versions of trilateral cooperation is discussing for further presentation to interested parties.

Kazakhstan – France Technology Transfer Center realizes monitoring of current projects, searches for new ones and informs innovators about Centers work.